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ouat 03x12 promo

My feels!!!!!

I’m calling it now y’all (someone maybe have already idfk) but: top left gif. Ten dollars on that they’re looking up at flying monkeys.

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Once Upon a Time 3.08: Think Lovely Thoughts - Sneak peek #2

Spoilers! I don’t have time to pull them all from Youtube right now so here’s one and I’ll get the rest for y’all later :)

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She’s a sassy bitch, a sassy bitch.

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Jane Espenson’s Interview: The Highlights


I’m listening to Jane Espenson’s interview (thanks anon!), which must have taken place yesterday, and I wanted to give you the OUAT highlights. It does contain spoilers in a sense, so beware.

Here we go:

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Robert Carlyle Talks ONCE UPON A TIME at San Diego Comic Con 2013 (von the TV Addict)

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Grumpy and Ariel teaser from SDCC.

GRUMPY AND ARIEL!!! *squee!*

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once upon a time season 2 filming

once upon a time season 2 filming

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